my photo on itunes

i’m a little excited to share that Cilla Jane used one of my photos on her new single called Riverside.

The green dress is pretty and came out great with the dark laneway.


dead and buried

Cemeteries are a comfort to me. I believe every person is knowing and unknowingly shaped by their past.

Looking at the graves that have gone long before me, complete lifetimes lived several times, and lifelines that will continue, is relaxing, even peaceful to me.

Visiting a new grave for a recent funeral isn’t peaceful or relaxing, and the emotion is a visible almost a heavy object in the air around us all. Even when funeral provides the almost ‘good’ opportunity to see all your family members.

Speaking about someone who has just been lost, to me, is the hardest thing to do.

It’s also a good thing to do, as the person is not lost, they are still around in my past, only now not in my future.

I guess this is the part that hurts the most, is that they will not be there in my future. That’s the bit that makes the tears flow.

Here are some photo of graves and places of people who have lived their life, and are remembered in. Many photographs are of people I have never known. I also am not related to many of the names shown. The graves I chose to photograph have made me wonder about their life, to have their memory in a cemetery displayed in this visible way.

It feels a little creepy to me that my Nanna has a place laid out next to my grandfather, which has been there now 29 years. It’s just waiting for her.

One of my grandmothers has not been buried next to her husband, who died 33 years before, so long ago to me, longer than my whole life at the moment. Their memorials are in different cemeteries, in different towns, completely apart.

Visiting cemeteries and knowing who of your family is remembered there, is an intangible part of knowing your own history. I have now about five cemeteries to visit to see the memories of my family laid out, publically remembered.

sheep races at Caragabal

– everything I learned about panning I’d forgotten when taking this photo

I still like it for the emotion of the moment, even if all the people are moving in the photo.

it’s Coral

– I often spell the name Carol as Coral.

I find this almost as annoying as when I spell my own name incorrectly, really, you’d think I would know it by now!

The link between the soil and the sky.

A favourite photo from last month’s photography (one photo of thousands taken in July) is unsurprisingly of trees.

Trees are amazing.

This was at around about 10am in the mountains and the next day there was no mist at all.

Heart Rock candy

– one day last month Amy and I had a super-fast Two Photo People session in fading winter afternoon light.

I like her photos better – find her shots on her blog titled Turquoise & Teal and make your own mind up

last night

i liked this photo

today i’m uncertain why i choose what i did

somedays are like this

– just part of the machinery

mis – take

: a reminder to myself to make sure I have a quick look through all the photos larger on a computer before deleting

bubbles in the show

they drive me crazy, as i can’t focus on the children 



and yet the bubbles look great in the song with the children